Short Stories

Meb Bryant, Doubles Match, author, tennis, pregnancy, family, drug dependency, greed, betrayal, psychological, thriller, suspense, mystery

Where the final score is murder.

Meb Bryant, Spelling V, author, game, mystery, thriller, romance, suspense, obsession, competitors, game of life, love, winning, psychopath

You don't choose who you love. You do choose who you kill.

Meb Bryant, Monster Spray, author, monster, fear, child, murder, psychological, family, mystery, suspense, thriller

Five-year-old Becca Strongs claims there are monsters outside her window. Nobody believes her...until she actually kills one.

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Can a sociopath abandon his natural instinct?

Meb Bryant, Killing People, author, thriller, suspense, kidnapping, weapons, sniper, marine, killer, crime, fate, psychological, mystery

A psychological thriller where good men do everything necessary to defeat evil.

Meb Bryant, Harbinger of Evil, author, french quarter, murder, wealth, secrecy, oil, politics, cia, JFK assassination, 1960’s

New York crime meets New Orleans voodoo in 1963 Louisiana where solving a murder might get you killed.

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