NOVEL: Psychological Thriller/ Mystery / Suspense

Can a sociopath abandon his natural instinct?

The Price of Normal is the story about a diagnosed sociopath who desperately wants to experience normalcy and be like other people. He believes a high school cheerleader is the answer to his dilemma and sets his sights on possessing her. Predictably, his plans don't go exactly as expected when a vigilante group intervene on her behalf. (Stand alone book in The Killing People series) (The Killing People series Book 2)

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Meb Bryant, Doubles Match, author, tennis, pregnancy, family, drug dependency, greed, betrayal, psychological, thriller, suspense, mystery


SHORT STORY: Psychological Thriller/ Mystery / Suspense

Tennis anyone? Faith Todd, the perfect doubles partner, struggles to reclaim her fragile mental health after suffering the devastating loss of a planned pregnancy. She relocates from city life to the solitude of rural Texas and sets aside her dependency on booze and pills to focus on her young daughter Emma. After encountering betrayal and greed, she begins to question her own sanity when Emma disappears. Doubles Match: a short story containing all the elements of a perfect psychological thriller.

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Meb Bryant, Killing People, author, thriller, suspense, kidnapping, weapons, sniper, marine, killer, crime, fate, psychological, mystery


NOVEL: Psychological Thriller/ Mystery / Suspense

Leah Bennett sits in an open convertible in a drugstore parking lot and has no idea that a routine trip to buy cigarettes will threaten her life and end her marriage. Paralyzed in fear, she watches as two masked men, dressed entirely in black and brandishing weapons, follow her husband Dan into the drugstore. Moments later after four shots ring out, she is torn between staying in the car with her young daughter Hannah and giving aid to the victims of the crime, especially her husband. Either by fate or divine design, Michael Nagle, a Marine sniper on special assignment, drives into the parking lot with his military dog and inserts himself into the fray. Leah finds herself being stalked by the killer who intends to kill her and kidnap Hannah.

A psychological thriller where good men do everything necessary to defeat evil. (The Killing People series) (The Killing People series Book 1)

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Meb Bryant, Harbinger of Evil, author, french quarter, murder, wealth, secrecy, oil, politics, cia, JFK assassination, 1960’s

NOVEL: Mystery / Suspense / Thriller

In 1963 New Orleans, the French Quarter is rocked by the gruesome murder of a wealthy businessman, and Detective Richard Mobey finds himself intertwined in the lives of a family unraveling from generational secrets.

The protection of Alaskan oil, shady politics and CIA operatives converge to muddy the investigation, leading him down a treacherous path. Don't miss the erotic final twist.

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Meb Bryant, Monster Spray, author, monster, fear, child, murder, psychological, family, mystery, suspense, thriller

SHORT STORY: Mystery / Suspense / Thriller

Five-year-old Becca Strongs claims there are monsters outside her window. Nobody believes her...until she actually kills one.

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Meb Bryant, Spelling V, author, game, mystery, thriller, romance, suspense, obsession, competitors, game of life, love, winning, psychopath


SHORT STORY: Mystery / Suspense / Thriller/ Romance

Life is a game. For some of us, winning becomes an obsession when we're children. Veronica and Bobby have a special bond that makes them more than your typical competitors in the game of life, growing up and learning how to play the game together.

You don't choose who you love. You do choose who you kill.

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